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boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam
boobam®brush lite-boobam

boobam®brush lite

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You can be a brush hero and give back to the planet by choosing the boobambrush lite (hint: you don't have to wear a mask).

We stripped off anything unnecessary, we kept everything necessary, we added a tree planted behind the purchase and we created the most compact, affordable, eco-friendly, high efficient and "giving back to earth" toothbrush there is to get.

The smooth, anti-slip handle to fight against the plastic waste problem while keeping your oral health at top notch! The durable, plaque-fighting and disinfecting charcoal bamboo bristle with thin shaped edges and the natural anti-bacterial protection of the bamboo wood will keep your teeth happy and shiny!

boobambrush lite - be a planet hero!


color: natural color with black bristle

dimensions: width 1.3 cm, length 19 cm (adult) 14 cm (kid)

material: handle of heat-treated bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber, and bristle in bamboo charcoal , known for its plaque-fighting and disinfecting properties, handle is 100% biodegradable which means it can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill, burn or use organic waste bins. Bamboo handle will biodegrade into soil, without pollution while hair is recommended to be removed from the head and be recycled for 0 environmental impact. Kid version uses extra soft natural bamboo bristles

healthy: antibacterial protection, fumigation/disinfection certificate, BPA free

practical: waterproof, anti-slip

durable: lasts 3+ months but the Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.

usage: we recommend you rinse and dry your toothbrush after use to keep it clean.

About Us

At boobam we create innovative, quality, stylish products for the ecoconscious consumers that want to take steps towards a greener, plastic free, lifestyle that benefits not only them, but also the planet. 

We believe that a responsible company can and should be the carrier of the change its customers want to create.

We use only 100% natural bamboo wood,an environmentally sustainable timber harvested from our suppliers private forest.

The boobam toothbrush is our role-model product, one that can solve a critical waste problem and transform its consumer to an ecoconcsious planet hero.

”Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Change does not always come as a revolution, but a lot of small responsible acts can make a big difference.

There are options,the choice is ours...

Of course a lot of damage has already happened. The One Tree Planted collaboration is our initiative for giving back to the planet. Also for each toothbrush sold 1€ is donated to the non-profitable organization WWF. This is how we become the carrier for you to contribute not only to reduce the problem but go beyond and reverse it.

Take off the masks, be a Planet Hero & join the plastic waste fight!


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Cash on Delivery: (Available only in Greece)

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Payment terms:

  • Pay full order amount through bank deposit.
  • Please use same bank to same bank transfer. If you transfer from your bank to different bank you are required to pay the transfer fees.
  • Card Payment or Bank Deposit is mandatory for any order including personalized items.

Shipping Rates

Worldwide: 29,99€ minimum order amount 19,99€ / Free for order over 119,99€ (to your door - including import taxes & fees)

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Greece: 4,99€ minimum order amount 4,99€ / Free for order over 24,99€

Contact us

We are here to help! What can we do for you Planet Hero?

Please send your message or call us +302102770685

boobam shop: Omorfokklisias 6, Nea Ionia,14233, Athens, Greece

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Best toothbrush

Prefer them to every other bamboo toothbrush from this brand and to any other kind of toothbrush.

Nίκη Κ.
Greece Greece

Εξαιρετική ποιότητα

Ειρήνη Δ.
Greece Greece
First bamboo toothbrush

As a newbie to the toothbrush sustainability, I tried to find a cheap and eco-friendly alternative to my mainstream toothbrush. That's why I chose the particular model. I've been always using medium toothbrushes, but this medium is kind of soft for me. I wish there were a harder version of it or the medium were actually a medium and not a soft. That's the only drawback I personally found and it cost one star from the review. If you prefer soft toothbrushes definitely go for it!

Greece Greece
I'm going to purchase again

I ordered the soft one. It is andeed soft and the bristles are dense enough to clean properly. I have only purchased this once but I think I prefer this one over other ones I've used before and I am going to purchase it again.

Greece Greece
Boobambrush lite

Great feeling touch of the fibers (this material is ideal) and totally satisfying results.

Greece Greece