welcome to your boobam®ecocard | one card to rule them (out) all


Congratulations on your choice to a more eco-friendly card alternative.

Once you have received your card, all you need to do is to follow three simple steps to get your boobam®ecocard up and running. If you haven't purchased one get it now


Step 1: Access your account

First you need to activate your personal account. To do so, click on this URL  

You will now automatically be forwarded to our boobam ecocard online portal, where you can manage your account data after activation.
Your account is already activated and you will be asked to log in with your access data (consisting of the username and password provided with your card)

Step 2: Create your profile & landing page

In order to save or edit your contact data, you first need to log in with your access data. After logging in you will see your dashboard and menu. Press the landing page button to open the editor. You can add as much information you need and save it. You can also add media content if you like and branded content. Alternative you can rewrite your NFC chip with the free provided NFC Tools app for iOS and Android phones.

Step 3: Use your ecocard

Once your contact details have been entered into your profile you are ready to use your boobam ecocard. Your URL has been already coded on the NFC chip and your QR code is already engraved on your card along your name making it unique.

With NFC and Dynamic QR code enabled your boobam®ecocard is 100% compatible with any available smartphone. Contact-less and effortless send your information to NFC enabled devices and through QR code scan for older smartphones.


Enjoy your boobam®ecocard and be a Planet🌍Hero

For any question or support contact us